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Our Aircraft Guide is your source for finding manufacturers of experimental aircraft kits and publishers of plans for experimental homebuilt aircraft. When you click on
"Enter Aircraft Guide" link above, an alphabetical listing of over 260 aircraft companies appears along with their aircrafts' group code (CONV, PUSH, WAR, L-X, LSA, UL-V, TRIK, PARA, SAIL, ROTO, GYRO, AMPH), and their Aircraft Model Names ( i.e.Velocity XL, Corben Baby Ace, etc.). You can browse the list alphabetically by company name. You can use your browser's "find" function to locate a particular word like "Velocity". You can click on any aircraft company to see a detailed listing. Each aircraft company's detailed listing is a unique page which includes the company and aircraft information, as well as a hot link to their website.

Another way to find an aircraft company is to use "Search This Site". For example, you may want to search for all pages that contain "warbird". Search This Site will show you all the pages that have the word "warbird" on it. You could also search using the group code for warbird which is "WAR". Search This Site allows you to bring up only the pages that are of interest to you, by allowing you to specify exactly what you're looking for.


Rules, regulatons, and definitions vary from country to country and it is your responsibility to research a particular country's rules governing experimental aviation.

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