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  • The single place Corben Baby Ace Model D
  • The two place Corben Junior Ace Model E
  • Both classic open cockpit models are sold as "plans built" airplanes, with optional pre-welded assemblies and pre-cut fittings.
  • Kits available for both models: airframe on the gear with wings.
  • Wings are a modified Clark Y airfoil having a 54 inch chord.
  • Both aircraft are built in accordance with the FAA 51% rule for homebuilt experimental certification.

Corben Junior Ace
O.G. "Ace" Corben designed and marketed the first homebuilt aircraft kit in 1923; the famous "Baby Ace," followed by the "Jr. Ace," the "Cabin Ace" and the beautiful "Super Ace!"

The Corben Aces have endured the tests of time thanks to successors like Paul Poberezney, Cliff DuCharne, Thurman Baird and others who have modernized and refined the designs over the years. These aircraft are still being built, flown and admired by those who find the past as exciting as the designs and materials of the present!

Now, thanks to the new "Sport Pilot" and "Light Sport Aircraft" rules (ELSA & SLSA), these fine modernized aircraft can be factory-built, then flown by pilots with a valid drivers license as medical certification!

Bill Wood, the new owner of the Ace Aircraft Company, pledges his effort to revitalize the excitement surrounding the Corben legacy. The factory is located in Toccoa Georgia at Foothills Aviation. Stop by any Saturday for some coffee, donuts, and some of the greatest hangar flying anywhere! Re-uniting Corben Ace builders, pilots, and dreamers will be an annual undertaking at a factory sponsored Corben Ace Fly-in. Contact us to get on our mailing list for more info.

Historical information provided by the Corben Club.

The Ace Aircraft Company is now selling plans for both models. Plans for the "D" Model Corben Baby Ace cost $125.00, and the "E" Model Junior Ace cost $145.00. Optional pre-welded assembles and pre-cut fittings for both models are also available.

Company Information

Company: Ace Aircraft, Inc.
Address: 2701 Airport Drive
Toccoa ,GA 30577 USA
Telephone: 706-886-6341
TeleFAX: 706-886-6341
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Model(s): Corben Baby Ace/ Corben Jr. Ace
Available For Sale as: Plans Built with optional pre-welded assembles and pre-cut fittings or Kit form (E-LSA)


Model Specs & Performance

Model: Corben Baby Ace
Model D
Corben Junior Ace
Model E
Group Code: CONV CONV
Landing Gear: FG (tailwheel or trike) FG (tailwheel or trike)
Seats: 1 2 Side-by-Side
Construction Material: Metal tube and fabric Metal tube and fabric
Engine: Continental, Lycoming Continental, Lycoming
Horsepower: 65-100 85-120
Propellor: 2 blade metal or wood 2 blade metal or wood
Maximum Speed: 96 kts @ sea level 113 kts @ sea level
Cruise Speed: 87 kts 95 kts
Stall Speed: @ gross 30 kts 38 kts
Service Ceiling: 10,500 ft (3,200 m) 10,500 ft (3,200 m)
Takeoff Distance: 300 ft (91.5 m) 600 ft (183 m)
Landing Distance: 250 ft (76 m) 300 ft ( m)
Rate of Climb (gross): 1200 fpm 500 fpm
Maximum Range: n/a n/a
Empty Weight: 575 lbs (260 kg) 700 lbs
Gross Weight: 950 lbs (430 kg) 1320 lbs
Useful Load: 375 lbs (170 kg) 620 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 17 gal (64 l) 22 gal (83 l)
Cabin Width: 24 inches 30 or 36 inches
Overall Length: 17.9 ft ( m) 18 ft ( m)
Height: n/a n/a
Wingspan: 26.5 ft (8 m) 26.5 ft (8 m)
Wing Area: 110 sq ft 110 sq ft
Wing Loading: 8.6 lbs/sq ft 12 lbs/sq ft
Ultimate "G" Loading: n/a n/a
Cost (US$): Plans 250.00 Plans 250.00

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